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Made from 100% natural ingredients. Squalane, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and brown algae ensure that the Biologico series supports skin hydration, protects it from external factors, and reduces signs of aging.

The Cashmere Bronzer effortlessly allows you to achieve an incredibly natural and fresh sun-kissed skin effect. The Biologico bronzer is perfect if your skin needs a vacation, appearing gray and tired. The Biologico highlighter, on the other hand, provides a satin, natural glow.

Discover Our Favorite Combinations

Discover our favorite combinations to create natural makeup that highlights your radiance and adds freshness to your skin. Choose blushes that, with their juicy shades, add youthful glow to your complexion. We love the combination of bronzer with shades Como N5 or Como N7. To make your makeup last all day, set it with the transparent Tokyo powder. And if you need even more shine, choose one of the Kyoto face highlighters. Remember, the foundation of a perfect look is the right skincare products.

Egyptische Erde Biologico guarantees natural beauty and health for your skin.

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